Term 4 in Prep V and Prep/1 C

Our students are so excited for term 4! This term students will be attending weekly dance lessons in preparation for the upcoming school concert in December. This will also be learning to swim at Epping YMCA every Friday for the first seven weeks of term.

Students will learn about medial sounds. They will be using this knowledge to help them with their reading and writing.

In maths, students will be learning about sharing numbers, Australian money, connecting days of the week with events, 3D shape and location. We will be using a range of resources to ensure students have ample opportunity to explore maths a variety of ways.

This term we will also be learning about Family History in integrated inquiry. Our students will learn about their personal family history and will compare similarities and differences between their family history and their peers’ family history. They will explore their culture and celebrations and share this with their class. This unit will be incorporated into writing tasks and oral language as students will be encouraged to orally share information about their family with their class.

Click the following link to view our Term 4 Overview and Class Timetable:

Term 4 Overview
Class Timetable