This term in the 1/2 Area will be participating in a weekly dance program.  This is always a great experience for the children as they practise and then perform at our end of year celebration. We will be celebrating book week as a whole school and children will also get the opportunity in the final week of school to spend some time in their new grade for 2018!


This term we will be looking at Shape and Space, identifying the different shapes around us and discussing the features.  We will also study Fractions this term, learning to identify halves, quarters and eighths of objects. We will then apply our knowledge of fractions to collections.  Lastly we will look at Chance and Data, collecting data on different subjects and showing our findings on graphs.


In literacy we are learning to be fluent readers.  The children will be working really hard and being given many opportunities to read aloud to each other.  We will also be learning about the features of persuasive texts and will be given many opportunities to plan, write, edit and publish their own. 


Our integrated topic ‘Mix it up’ will be continuing into this term.  The children are having a great time making predictions and observing when different solutions and mixtures are combined.


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