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This term in Grade 3/4 we are busy learning and exploring area, fractions, volume and capacity, mass and number patterns. We have been learning how to calculate area, share units into equal parts and measure different liquids.

In writing we have been creating explanation texts. We have enjoyed writing an explanation on how a worm farm works. We are also excited to be learning and creating our own poetry.

We are continuing to undertake our soil unit, Beneath Our Feet, where we continue to explore soil and the importance it plays in different ecosystems and the world.

We are also undertaking a new unit this term about healthy, rubbish free lunches, where we explore the impact our wrappers and plastics have on our environment. We cannot wait to design and create our own healthy lunches that don’t use any wrappers at all!

We are looking forward to end the year with a BANG!

During the begining of this term, the Grade 3/4's have been learning about how harmful plastics are to our environment. Part of this involved making 'Nude Food' lunches where we used no wrappers at all! Check out what 3/4C made: 

Nude Food Lunch


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Term 4 Overview